Get Ready to Rock Your Sales This Season

You may not be ready for the holidays, but your shop will be!

Have you ever wondered if you could really be one of those sellers?

You know, the one that's as busy as she wants to be over the holidays?

The one that is makes it look easy to manage promotions, sales, and customer service during the busiest time of year?

The one that is, simply, on top of things during a time that can be overwhelming

Yes! That can be you.

And I'm going to show you how.
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Step-by-step from stressed-out-solopreneur to savvy-online-seller.

What Does the Workshop Cover?

  • Prepping For Amazing Online Sales

    Whether you want to sell on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy or more, we'll get you prepped and ready for the season, before the season even begins!

  • Step-by-Step Tasks Through December

    We'll start in August with all the heavy lifting - planning, scheduling, and organizing your business for an optimal sales season. And, each month, we'll tweak things at just the right time in order to maximize your success.

  • Connection With Other Sellers

    Our Crochetpreneurs® Facebook group will be there to cheer you on, support you, and help you brainstorm when things get tough. It's a unique community of crochet business owners who would love to welcome you!

  • Bonuses

    When you join the Crochetpreneur® Holiday Prep Workshop, you'll receive an automated Product Pricing Calculator, along with more bonuses to keep you motivated and encouraged throughout the holiday season!


  • Is this workshop really free?

    Yes, ma'am. It's absolutely free!

  • What's the catch? Are you going to try to sell me something?

    There is absolutely no catch. If you're new to Crochetpreneur®, I'm just offering you this workshop as an introduction to my teaching style, personality, and methodology.

    I'll share some resources with you along the way and I'll invite you to join my super awesome Crochetpreneur® Business Academy at some point, but there is no obligation, no high-pressure, and you don't even have to read/watch that section if you don't want to.

  • I don't want to sell on Etsy. Is this workshop still right for me?

    The Crochetpreneur® Holiday Prep Workshop was designed for all online sellers. While Etsy does comprise much of the material, you'll be able to translate the tips and tools suggested to whatever platform you're using.

    If you only want to sell on Facebook or want to link to Instagram Shopping, I've got you covered. But, if you're looking for help with Handmade on Amazon, I've linked you to a reputable's just not my thing.

  • How is the workshop formatted? What can I expect?

    The workshop is arranged much like a self-paced course. Once registered, you'll be able to log in and walk through each step at your own schedule.

    The first chapter is Prepping for Sales. Then, at the beginning of each month, a list of tasks will be added for you to engage with at complete based on your goals for your business.

    The workshop will take you all the way through the New Year!

Meet Your Instructor

  • Pamela Grice

    Artisan Blogger

    Pamela Grice

    Hi, I’m Pam – the part-crochet designer, part-psychotherapist, and full-on-cheerleader behind the Crochetpreneur blog where I combine my wisdom as a counselor and experience as a six-figure Etsy seller to help other makers find personal and financial freedom through artisan-entrepreneurship.

    When I’m not coaching, counseling, or crocheting, I spend my days caring for my newly-toddling grandson. I’m an introvert who loves people, an encourager, a solution-finder, and a creative-thinker who spent more time reading encyclopedias and playing with yarn as a kid than was probably normal. And, while I never did marry Donny Osmond, I’m thankful to have crafted an amazing life in the beautiful mountains of Colorado with my husband, Kevin, and our two neurotic pups.